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Glynns Firearms Training is a small family owned business located in Hillsboro Oregon.

When Glynn started getting ready to retire he decided he wanted to do something he enjoys to stay busy and hep the community, and so Glynns Firearms Training was born.

Although Glynn was already very knowledgeable both he and Pam took the NRA Basic Pistol Class and NRA Pistol Instructor Class, to be able to teach concealed carry classes in Oregon. They then took the USCCA Instructor course, which opened up many other USCCA courses.

When Measure 114 passed and there was such a surge in gun purchases, Pam realized that many partners were not comfortable with suddenly having a gun in the house. She designed the Basic Gun Safety for Non-shooters course, and is passionate about helping people learn to be safe with firearms.

Some of our classes:

Basic Gun Safety for the Non-shooter:
We feel very strongly that safety comes through knowledge, and so have designed this unique class especially for those who have little or no gun knowledge - someone who may be afraid of guns or a bit anti-gun, have a gun in the home and are uncomfortable with it, or just want to know a little more about guns. It is a good place to start for the very beginner.
The class covers terminology, gun parts, gun safety rules, safe and legal storage, hands-on how to clear a gun, suicide prevention, and a little about teaching kids.

Oregon & Utah (& Arizona) Concealed Carry Class:

Oregon and Utah both currently require a class prior to applying for a permit. Utah requires a class that covers specific items and is expected to last about 4 hours. This class meets and exceeds the education requirements set forh from Oregon and Utah to apply for Concealed Carry Permits from those states.
Students will receive certificates showing they have met the required training for Oregon and Utah Concealed Permits, and a packet to apply for the Utah permit. Information on how to apply for an Arizona permit also included. Fingerprints and photos are required for Utah and may be taken at the end of class.

Oregon only concealed Carry is also available.

Glynn Davis


Glynn is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Certified Oregon Hunter Safety Instructor and is a USCCA Certified Instructor. He has over 25 years military experience with firearms, including rifle and pistol awards.

Pam Davis


Pam, while having experience growing up, is newer to shooting than Glynn. She also is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a USCCA Certified Instructor. She teaches concealed carry, firearm safety, home defense and more.